Black Cyber Street began because of conversations with friends about the need for more Black owned businesses and the need to support them.

A friend was telling me about her business one day and it blew my mind because It was a business that no one would think to go in to, and she was making great money doing it, and it wasn’t in a space where she needed her friends and family to “support” her business for it succeed.

Running my own business with my wife also led me to realize how much more we are able to spend with black businesses by using them as vendors as opposed to when we were trying to simply support black businesses for personal consumption.

Now I am on a mission to share the multitude of opportunities out there for black entrepreneurship so other can learn and help continue to build wealth in our communities and for their families.

Lastly I leave you with this.

The entire world once thought running a mile in 4 minute was impossible. Then in 1954 someone did it. Then six weeks later someone else did. Now thousands have broken what was once thought to be an impossible record.

I truly believe once we see what is possible, especially that it is being done by others that look like and come from similar backgrounds as us, we truly shatter any barriers placed on our community by history or ourselves.

Welcome to Black Cyber Street.